Spring Cleanups

Cleaning up your property for spring is a big job. Our team can handle Spring Cleanups for you. We are experts with programs catered to both residential and commercial properties. Hitchcock Property Services understand that your time is valuable and limited. Let us take care of your Spring Cleanups so that you can enjoy a beautiful, season-ready property without the hassle.

During our spring clean-up process we remove all leaves, branches and other debris that has accumulated over the course of winter around your property and landscape beds and haul away if needed.

Spring is a time of rebirth and reawakening from a long winter’s nap. Getting out into the fresh air of spring can do much to revitalize your plants as well as you.

Our spring clean-up service involves numerous aspects such as:

  • Clearing away leaves, branches, and clutter
  • Hauling away and composting debris
  • Mowing the grass
  • Re-edging and cleaning garden and flower beds
  • Redefining the borders of the lawn
  • Re-seed damaged areas of the lawn
  • Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs
  • Aeration